Notice that? It’s the present (and not the Santa variety). It, together with the rest of the year, may have just passed you by as you rush towards The Next Thing.

It’s so easy to be worrying about “what happens next” rather than appreciating what’s right under your nose. For my part, I know that the more I pile onto my plate, the more likely I am to treat the here-and-now as nothing more than a stepping stone to tomorrow. Deep, huh.

Do you Uber?

"I’ll call you a cab.”  “Don’t worry,“ the cry comes back. “I’ll Uber it!” 

Okay, I think to myself, I’m obviously missing something. So I book my next taxi trip on Uber. And you know what? It was cool. It told me where the cab was, I could watch it approaching, I knew the driver’s name and passenger reviews before he arrived. I could cancel the booking if I didn’t like what I saw, all at the (metaphorical) click of a button. How good is that?

Anyhow, before you start thinking I’m an over-excited late adopter, there’s a point to this story...