I reckon that organisations can achieve pretty amazing things if they let their people really operate to their full potential. In fact, the most important thing a leader can do is create an environment for folks to really fly.

But here’s the thing: too often, organisations and leaders get in the way of success. Instead of allowing people to achieve great things, they hamper them, or simply fail to equip them to succeed. Why is that? And how can the average organisation (and by average, I don’t mean Google or Apple) get this right?

In my experience, it starts with the leaders and managers of the business. Every time.

If you build a supercharged leadership team – aligned and collaborating around a single purpose and set of beliefs – then you set an incredibly powerful platform for the rest of the organisation. Especially when the leaders continually challenge each other, hold one another accountable and look for opportunities to improve.

This is the work I love doing: partnering with leaders and companies to create supercharged teams.



I’ll try not to go too far back here…

My real interest in team dynamics comes from a period in my life when I was part of two very different teams: by day, I was a commercial lawyer in a big city law firm. By night, I was a cast member in improvised comedy shows across Melbourne. (At one stage, I even had the privilege of being a regular performer in Working Dog’s hit TV show, Thank God You’re Here.)

The contrast between the two worlds was pretty stark. I’m still in awe of the way a great improvisation company can come together and create compelling scenes and stories for its audiences without a hint of a script. The skilled improviser’s deep understanding of collaboration is one that everyone could learn from. (In fact, many ASX100/Fortune500 companies do just that i.e. learn from improvisers).

So that’s me in a nutshell.

Oh, and I love coffee. So, if you’re keen to chat, the coffee’s on me …

SIMON DOWLING   Facilitator, teacher, advisor, speaker.


Facilitator, teacher, advisor, speaker.