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How to get people to buy into your ideas

This is your personal guide to creating genuine buy-in around your ideas and initiatives.

You have ideas. You’ve got projects and initiatives that you need to get off the ground. But here’s the rub - unless you can get others on board, those ideas aren’t going anywhere.

So how do you build willing and enthusiastic support for your ideas – where people work with you, not because they have to but because they want to? This is the gentle art of buy-in.

Buy-in sits at the very heart of collaboration. You can’t build highly engaged and nimble teams without it. And it’s the secret ingredient to implementing any kind of change

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Reader reviews

"An elegant manual for collaborative leadership"

Simon Dowling has written an elegant and 'easy to read' book that explains the 'not so easy' task of getting people to respond to and work with you. This is hugely beneficial for corporate leaders at any level of an organisation.

And, the principles are also relevant to any context which invloves people working together. 'Work with Me' is written in bite-sized segments with opportunity to reflect and think through action steps at the end of each chapter.

This is obviously written by someone who is good at getting people to buy into their ideas.

I have worked with people for many years and would have loved this book early on in my leadership journey.

It would have saved me and those working with me a lot of pain.

- John Drury

"Great read on getting buy in for important projects"

I enjoyed this book. The author gives a clear path in the longer than expected journey of getting but in from others on projects that matter.

I especially enjoyed the last section of the book on Movement as it really brought things together and highlighted that getting buy in is not complete when you get a yes, but rather that's where hints begin--now you have to double down and ensure your project gets moving, and others implement what they originally said yes to.

I loved this truth the author shared: "With a little discipline and ingenuity, you can find a way to ‘hack the system’, to overcome the human tendency to dwell in delay, and instead become a master of making movement happen."

So true. Buy in is essential, but getting agreement is only half the battle. You have to also have a strategy to ensure you get momentum and that implementation follows.

- Mick Mooney

"A must-have guide for anyone who wants people to jump on board to their great ideas"

I interviewed Simon Dowling for my performance measurement community, because one of the most common struggles they have is getting buy-in in their organisations to measure what matters.

Simon rocked. He was so succinct and pragmatic in his recommendations about how to engage people without pushing or selling or coercing.

And his style is so engaging. I absolutely love his model of Mood, Mind and Movement, which this book unpacks. It's a brilliant way of thinking about buy-in, so simple and elegant. But at the same time, it's very doable.

For anyone with a great idea they want others to jump on board to, Simon's book is a must-have for designing and holding the space for buy-in to happen naturally.

- Stacey Barr

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