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I help leaders bring out the best in themselves and their teams.


Let's unleash possibility, together. 

I help leaders bring out the best in themselves and their teams.


Let's unleash possibility, together.


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A leader's true power comes from 
empowering others - individually and as a team.

3 things I believe about leadership... 

  1. Leadership starts with choice. It has nothing to do with role or authority.
  2. A leader's greatest power is to empower others.
  3. The best leaders help teams to harness their collective genius.

That's what unleashing possibility means to me. And it's what fuels my work with leaders and leadership teams. 

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3 Ways to work with me

'Switched On' Leaders  

I deliver powerful, tailored leadership programs that generate conviction, clarity and courage in your leaders - so that they can do the same for others. 

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Building a leadership team that 'hums'

I partner with leadership teams, helping them to unlock their collective genius - setting a powerful example for the rest of the organisation. 

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Facilitating great team conversations

I can work closely with you to design and facilitate your team's offsite  or  workshop - with a focus on building connection, alignment and commitment.

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What Simon's clients are saying...

Why choose Simon?

Let's face it, there are plenty of leadership coaches and facilitators out there. So why choose Simon?



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Simon's latest thinking

Collaboration wasn't meant to be beige

Is accountability the wrong conversation?

You might not have a magic lamp, but...

Let's talk!

Got a challenge or a project, and wondering whether I might be able to help? I reckon the best thing is a good old fashioned conversation.

So drop me a note below, or call me on +61 413 015 897.