Simon works alongside leadership teams as a facilitator and mentor - helping you to be become a team that really ‘hums’ – with a clear and shared picture of its future and what it will take to get there.

BUILD A Leadership Team that Hums

There’s a massive difference between leadership groups who politely sit through one another’s updates (while engaging in silent turf wars) and leadership teams that align around a strong set of collaborative purposes and beliefs. Achieve the latter, and the whole organisation will follow suit.

Simon takes in-tact executive teams through a series of facilitated workshops that create strong alignment, leading to shared accountability and robust debate across all members of the team.

Simon also supports CEO’s and other leaders to continue to drive high standards and accountability.

Custom facilitation

Offsites, retreats and meetings can very easily become talkfests that achieve nothing of any lasting significance. So many strong personalities in the room, all well-intention but each with their own agenda…

The idea of bringing in an external facilitator to help with a planning session or retreat can strike terror into the hearts of some executives. What if the facilitator asks us to hold hands and sing songs of praise to one another…?

Simon is not one of those facilitators. He listens, he reads a room, he makes great conversations happen and then he drives everything to clear, meaningful outcomes.

Planning for the future

Simon works with senior executive teams and directors who want to get clear about their future direction and focus.

This might include a review of business strategy, operating structures and rhythms, key focus areas or talent management. Or perhaps it’s to explore a bigger step-change.