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What would make this a good conversation?

May 23, 2024

A few weeks back, I was interviewed for a podcast.

Before we began recording, the host asked me, “What would make this a good conversation for you, Simon?”

The question felt like a gift. On reflection, I think it did 3 really important things: 

First, it gave me the chance to connect more deeply with a sense of purpose. Up until that moment, I’ll admit I was on autopilot - this was the first item on my schedule in a  busy day, and I hadn’t even finished my first coffee. In one short question, I found myself “switching on”. 

Second, in being asked the question, I felt 'looked after'. I didn’t know the host; we were meeting for the first time. But within the opening minutes, my level of goodwill towards him soared - which meant I was much more comfortable in the conversation.

And third, it quickly generated a spirit of collaboration, based on reciprocity. After I'd thought about, then given, my answer, the next step seemed obvious: “What about for you? What would make this a good conversation for you?”  

I have no doubt this brief exchange at the top of our conversation meant we were able to get ‘in flow’ much faster than I’ve experienced in other interviews. 

What a great question to ask at the beginning of any conversation, meeting, workshop etc.

When could you use it in your world? 

Until next time,

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