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The shift from "have to" to "get to"

Mar 21, 2024

Here’s a question to ask your team next time you’re coming together for any kind of planning meeting:

“What do we get to do this week?”

Not “have to do”. Or “need to do”.
Or even "should do".

Get to do.

Highly engaged teams thrive on autonomy and empowerment – and it all starts with the words we choose.

A simple question such as “what do we get to do this week?” can reframe a team’s focus - away from a heavy feeling of obligation and requirement, into a lighter space of opportunity and choice. (I know where I’d rather play!)

Over time, this kind of language fosters an ownership mindset - encouraging people to become architects of the team’s success, rather than passive order-takers..

So, the next time your team gets together to talk about the week or month ahead, throw this question into the mix: "What do we get to do this week?". And let me know what it opens up.

Until next time,

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