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The Connection Code

Jan 18, 2024

Teams thrive on connection.

If we’re connected to one another, we’re more likely to ask each other for help. The deeper that connection, the easier it is to trust one another. To be honest and open with each other. To ask for help, and to give one another feedback.

Research also shows that the more connected we feel to our team, the more resilient we are in the face of challenges; knowing that we’re not alone equips us to go further. 

While most people get the importance of connectedness in teams, many leaders miss a beat when it comes to understanding the different levels of connection, and therefore how to build it. 

I find it useful to think of connectedness across 3 buckets:

  • Nexus: Do we know who’s who in the zoo, and how the team all fits together? As strange as it may seem, especially post-pandemic, many teams are hampered by the fact they’ve never really met everyone else in the wider team. Without that kind of nexus, there’s no channel of communication to begin with.
  • Understanding: It’s one thing to know who’s in the team, but it’s another thing to really know what they do, how they like to work, what their big challenges are at the moment, and so on. In my experience, this is the bit that many teams overlook, perhaps on the assumption it's a given. Or perhaps in the desire to get to the 3rd bucket…
  • Intimacy: The holy grail of connection, intimacy is all about creating openness and vulnerability between team members. Seeing one another as whole people - not just for their strengths, but also their weak spots - without the need to be perfect. Intimacy makes it okay for team members to to ask one another for help when they need it, and to try things that aren’t guaranteed to succeed. This way courage lies. 



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