I'm just back from a 3 day yoga and meditation retreat in the Yarra Valley. I'm sore in places I didn't know I could be sore, but feeling very relaxed, calm and reflective. (Before you get the impression I am some kind of yoga junkie, I should clarify: this was my first time. A birthday gift from my wife, after I'd dropped a hint that I'd like to give yoga a try.)

Our fabulous instructor, Amy Jaya, said something early in the retreat that really struck a chord with me. She urged us to think of yoga not just as a bunch of moves or as a process. Instead, she said, we should reflect on our purposes for doing yoga, and stay focused on those purposes throughout our practice.

I reckon Amy's lesson is particularly relevant to any leader. A leader ought to ensure a team has its purpose in constant focus, and that it doesn't get caught up "going through the motions" of business as usual. The busier a team gets, the harder this becomes, as all hands channel their energy towards getting the job done.

So, how often does your team "retreat" to reflect on its purposes? How often do you as a leader encourage your team to reflect out loud on and genuinely connect with its purposes? A kind of meditation, if you like...

Would love to hear your thoughts. Oh, and any words of encouragement for a yoga novice are welcome.



Thank you to Nora on for the photo in this post