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Keep a "to create" list

Apr 11, 2024

A few years ago, I made a video called “BUSY!” (Check it out here… and please forgive my butchering of that infamous Right Said Fred song).

In it, I proposed the idea that we should keep a “To Create” list, not just a “To Do” list. 

That video came to mind this week, because I realised I am missing such a list (I reckon I stopped keeping my “to create” list sometime during the Big Lockdown). 

There’s always plenty - too much! - to be done. But are we always clear on the value we want to create, the impact we want to have made, by the end of any given week, month or quarter? 

Without that clarity, then being busy is nothing but a mindless misuse of precious time and energy. Sure, items get crossed off the list. But what reallydo I have to show for it? What’s my “Return on Busyness”?  

Having sat down to generate a fresh “To Create” list for myself, I feel energised and far more focused. I feel excited about the impact I get to have. I know where I need to draw clearer boundaries around my role and different activities. And perhaps most importantly, it’s clear what I need to say “No” to.

So, what’s on your “To Create" list this month? And what difference would it make if you achieved it?

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