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Are we there yet?

Sep 18, 2017

Are we there yet?”

Anyone with kids will know the pain of this question as it’s repeated over and over from the back of the car.

And yet, the reason so many young tackers ask this question is that they have absolutely no idea how to answer it for themselves. Do we really expect the child to strap up, sit back, relax and enjoy the inflight entertainment of us, the parent - no questions asked? #kiddingourselves

On reflection, for many an employee, I wonder if it’s exactly the same. You join the team, do your thing, and trust me – I’m the manager, I’ll tell you when we’ve arrived at wherever it is we’re supposed to be going. (If I ever work that out.) Don’t leave your team asking “are we there yet?”. Give them the metaphorical map by helping them get as clear a picture of success as possible.

Have regular conversations around these 3 themes:

WHAT: What does success look like? How do we know when we’re on track and making good progress?

WHY: Why does any of this matter? Why does it matter to the team? Why does it matter to you personally? I mean, who cares...?

WHAT IF...? What happens if we get there on time? What should we expect to see happen as a result? What happens if we don’t?

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