Simon has facilitated and driven numerous major change programs across the SEEK organisation, worked closely with the Executive team and more specifically with my CFO Leadership team.

As with most organisations dealing with external consultants, the primary issue in terms of proper engagement is one of trust. Simon has an innate ability to build deep relationships very quickly at all levels of the organisation and build the trust necessary to cut through to the core issue, challenge or opportunity.

Simon has been an integral part of my relatively new leadership team finding its operating rhythm over the past 12 months and helped the group dynamic evolve to a point where the team is really starting to deliver fantastic outcomes and contribution to the broader business.

John Armstrong, CFO
SEEK Limited

Simon has partnered SEEK on many initiatives covering leadership development, strategy and planning workshops and culture programs.

Simon is one of the few facilitators who can deliver an outcome in a way that leaves a room energised, engaged and motivated. He ensures everyone has a voice in the room and that ideas are respectfully challenged and debated.

I trust Simon to deliver on the overall objective every time.

Meahan Callaghan, Director of Human Resources
SEEK Limited

carsales has been working with Simon since 2009 to further develop the capability of our leadership group in influencing and engaging their teams.

His ability to quickly connect with and adapt to different senior groups within the business has meant that the workshops immediately became a ‘must have’ across the business. Simon’s ability to deliver highly practical programs with real behavioural outcomes has led to immediately visible and ongoing cultural change.

Jo Allan, Group HR Manager

Simon is a tremendously talented creator of engaging, unique and highly effective training solutions. Add to this Simon's amazing facilitation skills and you have an experience that you won't forget. Simon is an integral part of the L&D landscape at MYOB. He delivers the outcomes that we want and our team members love him - he's an absolute pleasure to work with. 

Catherine Davis, Organisational Development Manager

Simon is an excellent facilitator and trainer. He takes time to understand the organisational objectives and potential obstacles. In facilitating, he keeps the team on track, but also know when to let the discussion flow. As a trainer, he is engaging and entertaining. His training is well structured and invokes positive and lasting change in behaviours.

John Hall, Managing Director
Ricoh Australia


Simon recently worked with our sales staff to improve their effectiveness. Feedback from all the group was very positive with many colleagues asking "what next". From my perspective, as a sales man of 20 years, he really made me think about how I perform, how we as a team work as well as generating an environment in our workshop for possible new strategies. We had a great workshop and will be looking to work with Simon for some time.

Simon Bradwell, Managing Director
ebm-papst A&NZ