Managing people has got to be one of the most important gigs in an organisation. People managers shape the human experience of work - key to building an engaged and motivated team - but they're also responsible for ensuring the right stuff is happening. 

Managing people is a whole skillset of its own. And yet often, managers are promoted to management out of their technical role without adequate training and coaching. The Intrepid People Manager is a program that equips you to manage with conviction, clarity, courage and consistency.  

Building Teams that HUM

What is it that enables some teams to really perform, while others struggle to get the momentum and results right?

This program equips leaders and managers with 9 key strategies for creating a truly supercharged team – and for building the rhythms and shared leadership that make that transformation sustainable. 

Simon runs workshops that teach these skills, and also consults to organisations seeking to better understand what it will take to get their teams ‘humming’.


At the core of every great team is great leadership. But that leadership doesn’t necessarily come from those in positions of authority – it comes from those who attract followers.

Switched On Leaders is a program that enables its participants – whether or not they are in positions of management - to understand and “switch on” their personal version of leadership.

Simon not only tailors programs like this to each group of leaders he works with, but he can also partner with the group over a period of time to provide them with the coaching and support needed to drive lasting, useful change.

Bespoke programs and solutions

Got an idea of the direction you want to take a group of leaders in, but don’t know how to make it happen? Well, Simon loves a challenge, especially if it involves the word ‘bespoke’.

In all honesty, this is one of Simon’s greatest strengths – taking a brief, working closely with a client to understand that brief, then designing and developing the right solution.

Simon works on a range of projects in this space – including development programs, engagement workshops, high quality video content and orchestration of multi-facilitator programs. Let’s talk!