insight, inspiration, actionable ideas…
and the pure joy of
laugh-out-loud fun

Simon is one of Australia’s leading experts in building workplaces that thrive on collaboration.

Author of the best-selling ‘Work with Me: How to get people to buy into your ideas’, Simon is a former lawyer who’s also an actor and improviser - he was a cast member in the hit TV show Thanks God You’re Here.

Simon speaks at conferences and events throughout Australia and overseas, tailoring his keynote for each event. Known for his smarts and playful humour, Simon’s interactive presentations deliver a memorable blend of insights, inspiration, actionable ideas and the pure joy of laugh-out-loud fun.

Simon regularly works with companies such as AFL, BUPA, Envato, Holding Redlich, Honda, RSM Accountants and SEEK.

“Thank you Simon for a wonderfully engaging session at our offsite. Not only did our leaders really enjoy your time with us, the pragmatic approach and practical tips really resonated. Look forward to working together again in the future!”

Simon’s does much more than give the audience another “keynote speaker experience”. He creates opportunities to get people actively engaged in every session he runs - creating an environment where people can play, laugh at themselves, reflect and challenge themselves to think differently.

“It's such a privilege to be asked to contribute to an event. For me, conference speaking goes far beyond what you present from the stage. It’s the speaker’s responsibility to engage an audience in a conversation that is relevant, fun and actionable.”

With over 20 years as a performer, speaker, facilitator and educator, Simon is a refreshingly different choice for your next event.


Simon’s presentations are ideal for organisations and audiences who are ready to tackle one or more of the following challenges…

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How do you build engagement, commitment and action around important ideas and initiatives… even when you’re not in charge? In this fun and highly practical presentation, Simon shows audiences the power of buy-in, and what it takes to master this gentle art.

Based on Simon’s book, Work with Me: How to get people to buy into your ideas.



How do we tap the true power of collaboration, in a way that adds productive value to your team and organisation?

For many, the word collaboration evokes a jaded response, evoking memories of way too many meetings and post-it note sessions, being bombarded by colleagues expecting to be part of everything and an unhealthy obsession with building consensus on everything. In this presentation, Simon shows audiences the difference between productive and unproductive collaboration, offering them a clear way forward.



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Making Bold

How do we create the conditions for teams to truly perform at their best?

The research is in. The number one differentiator between the highest performing teams and the rest is this: team dynamics. Without the right dynamics in place, otherwise smart and motivated individuals shrink in the presence of their team. In other words, the whole becomes less than the sum of its parts. What the…?!

So what does it take to set a team up to play to their fullest? To enable people to be bold enough to do the things that truly underpin high performance: to speak up, challenge the status quo, to contribute ideas and to give and receive feedback. This presentation shows you how.



Simon can also complement his keynote presentation with one of several workshops - a great opportunity to enrich the value he brings to your event.

Some of Simon’s most popular topics include:

  • Building Teams that Hum

  • Leading Change through Buy-In

  • Trust Me… I’m a Leader!

  • Communicating for Impact

  • Talking Turkey: how to discuss what matters most

Looking for something different? Simon offers a unique experience called “The Improviser’s Way: lessons for teams from the wonderful world of improvisation” - which will leave you and your team more connected than ever, and with a set of principles that will inspire and underpin strong ensemble team work.

And remember, most of Simon’s workshops can also be adapted for a main stage presentation.