Positive Influence

What would it be like if more people listened to more of your ideas, and took more action as a result?

Your level of influence has a big impact on your ability to make a difference in your organisation - to shape decisions and gain the cooperation of others.

Simon is one of Australia’s leading teachers on the topic of influence and collaboration. In this workshop, he can help you to better understand the different dimensions of effective influence, and equip you with practical skills and strategies you can start applying straight away.

Simon also works on an ongoing basis with teams to help drive a culture of collaboration and positive influence.

Talking Turkey

Collaboration and cooperation are two words often mistaken for lots of smiles and hugs.

Not so. In fact, collaboration withers away quickly if people don’t feel equipped to have the tough conversations that need to be had. Resources, expectations, deadlines, evaluations… these are the things that often make it all so hard.

Talking Turkey is all about equipping you with the skills to have those conversations confidently and skilfully. We reckon this is one of the most important skills in any team or workplace serious about driving real change and real standards.

Customised group engagement

Simon is super-skilled in getting a group talking and engaged in a topic.

If your organisation is seeking to drive a change or initiative throughout your team or organisation, the best thing you can do is step back, stop telling (or emailing) and give your teams the time and space to engage with it. This is where Simon steps in.

Simon works closely with you to understand your initiative, and then will design and facilitate a forum that allows teams to dig below the surface of corporate comms, and to truly understand what it means for them.

Simon draws on a range of high-impact strategies to make this happen: story-telling, games and simulations, video production, forum theatre… and who knows what the next cool project might involve…?