Work with me

How to get people to buy into your ideas

You have ideas. You’ve got projects and initiatives that you need to get off the ground. But here’s the rub - unless you can get others on board, those ideas aren’t going anywhere.

So how do you build willing and enthusiastic support for your ideas – where people work with you, not because they have to but because they want to? This is the gentle art of buy-in.

Buy-in sits at the very heart of collaboration. You can’t build highly engaged and nimble teams without it. And it’s the secret ingredient to implementing any kind of change.

Work with Me is your personal guide to creating genuine buy-in around your ideas and initiatives. In his refreshingly simple and entertaining style, Simon Dowling equips you to master the art of buy-in, by showing you how to:

  • generate support for your ideas regardless of your position or level
  • capture people’s hearts and foster the right mood for cooperation
  • deal with pushback and resistance
  • turn talk into sustainable action
  • create a culture of buy-in throughout your organisation.
"In this magnificently practical book, Simon Dowling unpacks the science of collaboration and makes it an art. Read this to unlock profound new savviness in your quest to build buy-in."
Dr Jason Fox, behavioural scientist and best-selling author of How to Lead a Quest

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“Simon is amazing at what he does, and this book is like having all his wisdom in your pocket. Work with Me is absolutely full of brilliant advice that will guide you to true collaboration.”
— Cyan Ta’eed | Executive Director and Co-Founder | Envato
“I cannot remember the last time I read a book, each and every word, from start to finish in one sitting. This is that book. There are so many useful and reflective insights, tips and exercises, that I am now going back to page one to read it all again.”
— Mel Dunn | VIce President, International Development | AECOM
“True leadership is not to be found in the best ideas or the most thorough preparation but in our capacity to drive influence, to build buy-in, to create a sense of willing participation in enthusiastic followers. Work with Me is an invitation to all of us to be more engaging leaders.”
— Dan Gregory | CEO | The Impossible Institute
“In this magnificently practical book, Simon Dowling unpacks the science of collaboration and makes it an art. Read this to unlock profound new savviness in your quest to build buy-in.”
— Dr Jason Fox | bestselling author of The Game Changerand How to Lead a Quest | Dr Jason Fox Pty. Ltd.
“Simon has worked with our leadership team during periods of transformative change. His approach is a rare and powerful combination of practical, authentic and creative, he has a true skill in coaching leaders to focus on what is really important as they lead their teams through change. Simon knows how to engage and influence, while keeping a razor sharp focus on accountability and outcomes. I’d recommend this book to anyone wanting to step up in their career and have more impact and influence, as Simon knows what gets results.”
— Linda Brown | CEO | Laureate International Universities Australia
“Building advocacy is the big idea of collaboration. It’s beyond motivation, it’s bigger than inspiration and takes way more than communication. Work with Me is the book we all need in the decade of disruption.”
— Matt Church | Founder | Thought Leaders Global
“Simon presents his ideas in clear and practical ways. This book is full of useful tips for every aspiring leader looking to improve effectiveness and be a catalyst for change. Simon encourages self-reflection to instill learnings and create permanent and positive behavioural change. A must read for all leaders.”
— John Hall | Managing Director | Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd
“Simon Dowling has been instrumental in helping us build high performing leadership teams. His approach is practical, and centered around the fundamental themes of collaboration, relationships and transparency. If you have any aspiration around implementing strategy, driving change or getting any idea off the ground, then you need people to buy-in. If you want to know how to make this happen, and why it really matters, then you need to read this book!”
— Alexandra Tullio | Executive | Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
“Work with Me is a practical but comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to help their team succeed. Simon’s holistic, authentic approach to workplace communication will unlock the potential of your workforce.”
— Denise Heath | CEO | NADO Inc.
“Collaboration hinges on people’s ability to reach out and work with one another - regardless of role title and rank. Simon has written the quintessential guide for doing just that. Not only does Work with Me provide us with a rich set of ideas and practical tips for building genuine buy-in, it rallies us all to foster a culture where buy-in is the norm. Organisations that get this bit right are destined to win the long-term game. Work With Me is a must read for anyone wanting to achieve success in an uncertain future.”
— Janine Garner | Founder & Director | LBD Group