18 & 19 October 2017 (Melbourne)


A 2-day public training program that provides the skills, practice & coaching you need to manage your team with greater confidence, clarity, consistency and courage.

ɪnˈtrɛpɪd/ (adj) fearless; adventurous

Managing people is one of the most important gigs in an organisation. People managers shape the human experience of work - key to building an engaged and motivated team - but they're also responsible for ensuring the right stuff is happening. 

Managing people is a whole skillset of its own. And yet often, managers are promoted to management out of their technical role without adequate training and coaching. 

Great people managers have clarity of purpose. They have the conviction to step up and truly own that purpose. With that clarity and conviction, they pursue their beliefs with courage and consistency.

In the absence of these things, managers end up being driven by process; tossed around on an ocean of policies and procedures, rules and regulations. Forms to complete, boxes to tick. Who was ever inspired by that?

course themes

The Intrepid People Leader is a super practical training course specifically designed to help people managers step up, take full ownership of the people management side of their role and choose to lead

As a participant, you will learn how to...

  • Be clear with their team about expectations – not just around performance, but also around behaviours and values
  • Define a clear picture of success for yourself and your team
  • Create a rhythm of great conversations with your team - through regular feedback, coaching and appreciation
  • Stop the cycle of "get me out of here" performance appraisals - by making sure expectations and perceptions are clear early on
  • Have growth and development conversations with their team, using a ‘success mapping’ framework
  • Have honest conversations about things that some managers might be tempted to avoid.

Along the way, as you learn some invaluable skills and frameworks, you'll be inspired to not just manage people - but to lead them in your own unique way.

The real value of this course comes from the ample opportunity to receive coaching and tips from the facilitator, Simon Dowling - and to learn from the other people managers in the room.

course follow-up

The key to any training program is not what happens in the classroom, but what happens afterwards.

To help you apply things you learn in the course back in the real world, we set the participants up into peer coaching groups - so you can reconnect 4-6 weeks after the course and share experiences and learning. 

We will also be offering a follow-up webinar as part of your program fee - led by Simon - in which Simon will answer questions and also invite participants to share their own learnings since the course.

Workshop details

Date: 18 & 19 October 2017 (9.00am - 5.00pm both days)

Venue: Donkey Wheel House, 673 Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000 (very close to Southern Cross Station)

Catering: Yes - excellent food and coffee for everyone!

Registration: $1,850 plus GST
Course registration includes workshop materials, catering on both days, the follow-up webinar, a copy of Simon's book and all food and catering.  

To register, fill in your details below and we'll be in touch to confirm your spot.  Or feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions!

Thanks to Brooke Lark on Unsplash for the photo on this page.

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